Friday, June 24, 2011

Reasons To Avoid Kansas

So the Kansas legislature has come up with a set of onerous regulations intended to shut down abortion providers in their State.  The same right wing that rails against Government regulation seems to have no problem troweling on the regs when it serves their woman's-health-hating agenda. 

Oh well.  As punishment, these corrupt Neanderthals have to actually live in Kansas...

Rand Paul's Compassion

I don't have much use for Ron Paul or the whole Ayn Rand schtick that seems to have infested Republican politics, but Ron's little boy Rand seems determined to define "new low" on the Senate floor.  Here, he glibly refutes the idea that spending money on a Government aide program to feed impoverished senior citizens would actually save money.  Which it would, because it would keep the seniors out of emergency rooms and/or expensive nursing homes. 

Of course, Paul doesn't actually refute anything... his reflexive lizard brain hears "spending" and regardless of the positive fiscal impact, that just means "bad."  It's  not so much the brainless argument as it is the smug, dismissive, "I'm smarter than you" arrogance with which it is imparted. 

Rand Paul is one of those frighteningly stupid men, like Bill Kristol and other, who assume that being born to money and power (son of a Senator, son of a powerful press baron) had nothing to do with their rise to power.  And that those who haven't attained their level of success are simply simpering weaklings who deserve what they get.  A country filled with these monsters would be like some Mad Max dystopia... but as long as the Pauls of the world hold on to their piece of the pie, all is well.  I can only imagine (in a horror movie way) the freakish upbringing that could have produced such a compassionless, empty sock-puppet of a human being....

Friday, June 3, 2011

The Americans Are Coming, The Americans Are Coming

So Sarah Palin believes Paul Revere's ride was about putting a scare into the British (!).  Huh?  Singling out the stupid things this half-wit says would be a full time job, but this one is especially egregious...

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Rand Paul Hates Free Speech

Alleged libertarian and all around dullard Rand Paul believes anyone who attends a "radical speech" should be imprisoned or deported.  I say we start with everyone who went to a Rand Paul rally.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Let's Him And You Fight...

Nothing I enjoy more than watching a couple of right wing nasties tearing into one another, but this one is especially entertaining.  Rick "google him" Santorum claims John "I'm old and bitter" McCain doesn't understand "enhanced interrogation" techniques.  In other words, the guy who never served in the military is lecturing the guy who, like him or not, spent 5 1/2 year being tortured in a North Vietnamese prison camp -- on the workings of torture!

And I thought Trump and Gingrich had the corner on chutzpah!

Just When You Think They Can't Go Lower...

Freakishly flat-affect and hopefully-in-a-year-recalled Gov. Scott Walker wants a constitutional ban against same sex couples having hospital visitation rights.  Maybe he's afraid they'll pull a Newt and use the hospital visit to push for a divorce.  Oh wait, same sex couples can't get married in this neaderthal's state either...

What's is wrong with these people?  What sucked the compassion out of their DNA and replaced it with endless cynical political calculation?

Monday, May 9, 2011

Keep 'Em Stupid, Ricky Santorum Edition

Loser ex-Senator Rick Santorum joins a host of other Republican nitwits calling for the end of public education.  Makes sense, I guess, since the system clearly didn't work for them...